You’re closer than you think.

I’m reading the book, “You’re a Badass” by Jen Sincero.  (If you haven’t read it….go buy it now.  It’s a fun, short, and inspiring read that will get you off the couch and into action.)  Her book has been so inspiring to me that I’ve been posting quotes from it over the past week and this one is a doozy.
How many times have you started a diet, a new exercise program, sworn off bad men/women, promised to get on a payment plan, etc, etc, etc….and just faded off it within a day or two?
I wish I could say I had no experience with this, but I do.  It frustrates me to no end when I can’t stay on point.  I veer, I procrastinate, I rationalize, create excuses, and I stand in the way of what I say I really want!
So when I read her quote today, I was hit over the head by a sledgehammer.  If I Really wanted to make the change (ie, lose the weight, get in better shape, have a larger bank account) I would find the way and do it.  So I guess the real question is, ‘what do I really want’?
What are you standing in the way of in your life?  What happiness is eluding you because of your own actions? (Or inaction?)
It’s crazy to think we are the one thing standing in the way of our goal.  And that IS crazy.  But the great thing is, you can change that!  You just have to make the choice to take action.  So whatever it is that you want to change, create the pathway to get it.  Don’t procrastinate another day.  Life is too short for that.  You don’t have to play small anymore.  Rise up and show the world your true self.
I don’t know about you, but I’m off to take the next step.
You can Emerge Positive!
All my Best,
PS. Remember, fear isn’t real!  Just make yourself go for it.  What do you have to lose?  Nothing. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Email me at I can help you create the pathway to the life you want.  Don’t wait another day, month, year…instead, set yourself up so you can look back without regret and say, I Did It!


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