Your output is based on what you put in.

make room for peace


Are you missing peace in your life?  Do you make time for it every day?  Most people don’t.  But how can you expect to have a peaceful existence when you are running around every moment of the day?  Our schedules and the demands placed on us are difficult.  But if you don’t make room for peace, it will not find you.  This is why I think meditation is so important.  Ideally, 20 minutes a day is all you need.  But even if you just take a few minutes in bed before you get up and before you sleep, you will create a place for peace to reside.  We already have enough on our plate…we carry burdens we don’t need to be carrying…don’t add to it by turning your back on what could make it all better.  Make room for peace.  Emerge Positive®


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