You can’t guarantee success, but this is close.

Time is a finite resource.  And none of us know how much we’ve been given. So, one could argue that time is the most valuable thing we have.
How are you spending yours?
I started to consciously watch how I spend my day.  Is what I’m doing helping me reach my goals?  To be my best self?  Or am I just treading water?  Or worse, am I swimming in circles?
I’ve been swimming in circles.
I’ll admit, I was a bit shocked with what I saw.
You know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.
(Surely someone else out there has been ruining their diet and not exercising while expecting the scale to deliver good news at the end of the week??)
So I’m re-evaluating how I use my time.  Instead of filling my day, I’m asking myself, “what one thing can I do today that will help me reach my goal?”  And I’m doing this in all areas of ‘the life pie’: spiritual, health, personal growth, hobbies, relationships, career, and finances.  This one little shift has changed how I view my day, my choices, and my life.
You can do this too.
To dig in further, read “The One Thing” by Gary Keller.  It’s a brilliant book about simplifying your priorities to create extraordinary results.  It cuts through the clutter.  And creates focus in your life so you don’t waste your most precious resource.
This is Your time.  Your life.  You matter.  You have purpose.  Use it for good.
You can Emerge Positive.
All my best,
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