Why you should get uncomfortable.

Admittedly, I’ve spent most of my young adult life in a comfortable and predictable space…and it suited me.   Life was pretty good, but it felt like it was lacking something.  Fast-forward to today, I’m living my life in new territory; one that is unchartered and unknown.  Some days it excites and energies me, on others, it scares me to my core.  But my heart is full, and for the first time, I feel like I’m Living My Life with Purpose.

For most of us, the feeling of being uncomfortable isn’t good.  And we’ll do anything we can to get back to a place of normalcy, a place where we can breathe and take it easy.
“If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not stretching yourself.  Get into the unknown…it’s where your future awaits.”
You don’t change and grow when you’re in ‘comfortable mode’.  That’s called coasting.  That’s not where you want to be today…not in the beginning of a year when we’re focused on new goals and dreams.  It’s time to step outside of the box and get uncomfortable.
Your future self is DEPENDING on you to get uncomfortable now.  Take a chance.  Take the risk.  Put yourself out there.  Stop worrying about what other people will think.  This is Your Life and Your Journey.
Now is your time.  You can Emerge Positive.
It would be an honor to work with you.  Email me at deanne.lewis@emergepositive.com to discuss Emerge Positive coaching.


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