What is your perception of time?

I often forget how old I am.  Perhaps it’s denial, but I think of myself 10 years younger than I am…that is until my body reminds me otherwise.  Those of you who have children mark time through them.  They are a tangible reminder that time is moving quickly.   Or perhaps your memories mark time….remember that thing that happened 5 years ago?  Oh, that was 10 years ago?!  Yeah….time continues to move on.  Since you can’t stop it, my recommendation is to slow down and Be In It.   Immerse yourself in the moment.  Don’t let your future worries blur your today.  Enjoy the time you have right now!  Sounds simple – and it is – but most of us don’t do it.  Time is here for you today.  Choose to enjoy it.  EmergePositive.com


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