What if life could be different?

living in fear is a choice


Fear seems real.  At times it can paralyze you, leaving you feeling like a shell of your true self.  And worry comes right alongside of fear.  The ‘what if’s’ are endless and frightening.  Fear impacts us all.  It’s a wall that is meant to hold you back.  But it is not insurmountable.  I’ve found that the way through fear is to walk (or jump) right through it.  You may want to close your eyes and hold your breath while you do it, but I promise when you step through to the other side, you will be surprised at how easy it was.  The illusion that it is real and that it can stop or hurt you, is just that…an illusion.  Don’t live your precious life consumed in fear or worry.  That’s like being in shackles.   Choose to free yourself…and only you can…by taking a step forward.  You Can.  Emerge Positive®


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