What Do I Really Want?

For the past 10 years, I have held a morning spiritual practice.  It consists of positive affirmations, reading a chapter of an encouraging book and meditation.  (for details, go to “Tools” on this site)  And for most of that time, I have meditated to specific meditation music. I have found this practice so life-changing that I can’t imagine starting my day any other way.  So you can understand why I wasn’t very interested when my friend emailed me the details of the 21-day meditation challenge with Oprah and Deepok Chopra.

However, I was pulled back to her email and ended up signing up for the meditation.  And I must admit, it has been a wonderful experience.  Changing my routine and hearing the messages and questions presented in the meditations has opened me up … again.  This experience reminded me that when we think we’ve mastered something, that’s when we fall — or are shown a new way.  And we realize that this is all a journey.  We will Never plateau – we will always be offered another way up and to grow.

Colorado Mountain

In today’s meditation, they asked the question, “What Do I Want?”.

Seems like an easy question…I want to be happy, thin and rich.  Ok — sure, we’d all like that.  But have you ever really asked yourself what YOU Want?  I think many of us end up living a life that just “happens”.  We get married, we move, we have kids, we find a job, we meet our friends in our neighborhood, through your job or parents of our kid’s friends and bam….there’s your life.  Did you choose it?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Are you living life or is life living you?  Are you living in a place you love?  Are you in a career that is using your gifts?  Does it challenge you?  Do you love what you do?  Are you happy?  Are you content/whole?

“What Do I Want?”

This is a question worth asking.  Today, take a few moments to break away from your day.  Close your office door, go to the park or sit in a cafe and write down anything that crosses your mind in answer to this question.  Do you know what you want?  Your answers just may surprise you.

When you are finished with your list, sit back and slowly read each item.  How far is this from your life today?  What steps do you need to take to begin to move toward these goals?  Are they easy or hard steps?  Do they impact others?  (your partner, family, friends?)  Regardless of how hard it may seem, pick something on your list to pursue today.  Don’t put it off.  If this is something you Want, why wait?

I know some of you are saying “I can’t do that! I’d disrupt my life!  My family!  My job!  How will I support myself?”

Ok – I get that.  Baby steps.  Don’t up and change every aspect of your life today.  But be ready to take ONE STEP FORWARD.  I know it’s easier said than done.  That voice in your head is already telling you it’s not possible, that you aren’t ready and it’s too late to change your life.


You have the power to make a change.  And in every moment, you get that chance again and again.  So if you mess up now, you’ll get another chance to correct it.  Just Keep Moving Forward.

I’ll leave you with a question…

“How will you feel when you are 85 years old and looking back on your life knowing you didn’t try?  Knowing you didn’t go after your life purpose?”

If you are like me, that question felt like a punch to the gut.  Use it as a motivator to Live Your Life and go for it.  Don’t wait.  This is your experience and it can start right now.  Live your Purpose and Emerge Positive®.






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