What are you good at?

make the world better


Doing something to improve the world can seem like a big task.  But it isn’t.  Think about what you are naturally good at…these are your gifts.  It takes little effort for you to do them.  Perhaps you are an artist or a musician.  Your art brings joy and beauty into this world.  Or maybe you love to make people laugh.  What a great way to help relieve stress and let go.  You are actually helping people’s health by making them laugh!  Or perhaps your gift is teaching.  You inspire and guide others to perfect their craft or gift.  And in doing that, you are making the world better!  See, it’s not a crazy idea.  Take time to figure out your gifts and then use them to help others.  When you do that, you will find so much joy and pleasure in life.  As if it were your given purpose…because it is!  Emerge Positive®


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