We can all be rich.

David Bach


Today, I watched an insightful interview from Marie Forleo on MarieForleo.com with David Bach. David has written many inspirational books about money and becoming wealthy. What I love about his approach, which comes through beautifully in this interview, is our wealth should be driven by our values. He advises that instead of diving into spreadsheets, we should first consider the values that mean the most in our life. So many of us struggle with the idea of money. Some believe it is bad and many of us believe we can’t have it, or don’t deserve it. The truth is, we all can be wealthy. And it begins with our relationship to it. Money is a tool: it can help make your life easier and help you help others. Go to MarieForleo.com and watch the interview…it’s worth every minute. Today can be your day of change. #EmergePositive


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