Want to experience a miracle?

They say, jump and the net will appear.
In 2008, I jumped.  I took the leap and a miracle occurred.  But it took me 18 months to jump.  Initially I tried to do it my way and do it in a way that was considered ‘normal’ and ‘responsible’, but that didn’t work.  It was only once I was willing to let go, believe there was a good outcome waiting for me, and jump; before the miracle appeared.
And I’ve never looked back.
Have you ever taken a chance and jumped off the cliff?  Or did you linger at the edge peering over to evaluate the long drop?
Miracles happen with our participation; when we take action.
When I was single, I remember being told that my partner was not going to fall down from the sky while I was commuting to and from work.  I had to get out there and mingle in order to meet someone.  (Clearly, this was before online dating, but you get my point.)
You must take action.  Otherwise, you’re just dreaming.  And dreaming is good; creating a vision is necessary.  But the miracle won’t happen until you move.
So… Take A Step Forward.  Take that leap of faith.  I promise when you do, the door will open.  The miracle will be released.  And your life will be better than you ever imaged.
I speak from experience.  Many times over, in fact.
Miracles are all around us.  And they aren’t just for ‘other people’.  There is one waiting for you.  So go for it!
You can Emerge Positive!
All my best,
PS.  Sometimes our pathway isn’t so clear.  Come work with me and we’ll get you where you’re meant to be.  Your miracle is waiting for you.  You can Emerge Positive.  Deanne.lewis@emergepositive.com


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