Stop wishing and start doing

do the work


Reading every self help book may bring you knowledge, but it won’t bring you results unless you apply what you’ve learned.  Sitting around dreaming, talking or complaining about how you wish your life were different is a waste of your time.  If you are unhappy about something: that extra 10 pounds around your waist, your love life (or lack thereof), your job, your health…whatever it is…the only way to improve it is to Do Something!  I know you want an easy solution – our culture is totally wrapped up in the idea of immediate gratification.  But the only way to produce the result you want is to actually to the work.  Sure, you can sit and think about it more, but do you really want to be in this exact same place a year from now?  Don’t put it off.  Get up and start creating the life you want right now.  Emerge Positive®


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