Stop using the word “should” when looking at your life.

Let go of preconceived ideas


As I see it, the problem is the word “Should”. When we compare our life as it is to what it ‘should’ be, we create resistance, unhappiness and suffering. If you’re miserable because you think you should be married and have kids by now because you are a certain age, you’re missing out on your life! Or perhaps you think you should be farther along in your career because you’ve put in x amount of years. Again, that ‘should’ comparison is the problem. Let go of your check list. Let go of the preconceived notions of what your life “should be” and start enjoying your life as it is! What if you are exactly where you are meant to be right now? Let that settle in for a moment. Embrace you and your life. If you are looking for change, then take action! Don’t sit in misery because your life doesn’t look the way it should. You hold the power. #EmergePositive


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