Stop doing this and you’ll see results.

It’s human nature to resist what we don’t want or like.  And for most of us, we resist change.  But change is the only thing happening all around us each and every day.
Resisting change is a complete waste of your time.
But I do it, and so do you!  We resist things happening that are disruptive to our plan.  We resist what isn’t comfortable, familiar, easy, and attractive.
So what happens when we resist?  We are actually giving it MORE energy!
‘The Soul of Money’, by Lynne Twist not only changed my view and relationship to money, but it also taught me about the power of our focused energy.  “What you focus on, grows” is fact.  And this principle works on positive and negative thoughts.  So if you want something to go away, stop obsessing about it!  Stop resisting.  Just. Let. It. Go.
It sounds simple, because it is a simple concept and one each of us can do.  But it’s not easy.  And that’s where many of us fall off.
Whatever challenge is sitting in front of you, make the conscious decision to stop resisting it.  Let it in so you can let it go.  You hold the power to change your life for the better when you stop resisting what you don’t want and start using your energy in ways that are in alignment with what you do.
“When you let go of trying to get more of what you don’t really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have.”
“What you appreciate appreciates.”  Lynne Twist
Create happiness in your life for You.  Stop resisting.  Use your energy for good.  Make a difference.  You can Emerge Positive!
All my best,
It’s time to grab hold of the reins and start creating a life you love!  Email me at for a free consultation on Emerge Positive personal coaching.



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