Stop comparing and start living.



You may not like hearing this, but you’re the reason you’re not happy. It’s all in your perception. For many, we hold an image of what ‘a good life’ looks like and when our real life doesn’t match that, we get upset. Comparisons are kill joys. Stop them. None of us are guaranteed a perfect life. But we do have today….you have the opportunity to create change. This. Is. Your. Life. Embrace the now. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it better. But resisting it just gives it more power. You hold the reins. Today is your day. #EmergePositive


1 thought on “Stop comparing and start living.”

  1. Tonkins M. Anderson says:

    Happines for me lately has been a real struggle… everything is so Damn Heavy it weighs me down to the point where I can’t even MOVE. I’ve become Sedentary & Emotionless ☹

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