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Deanne is an energetic, uplifting, and successful business executive who creates positive change for you and your organization. She is the founder of Emerge Positive®, and author of Emerge Positive the book, with a goal to inspire others to create a life they love. She’s also a step-mom, mentor, seeker, and former corporate executive who understands the stresses, politics, and time constraints that life presents daily. Her philosophy, lessons, and strategies on time management, money, career, power of thought, relationships, teamwork, stress management, and setting boundaries encourage others to move forward in their lives.

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    April Testimonial

    Your ability to inspire with positivity is like no one I have ever known. You see life through a positive lens but have the intellect and business savvy to do it in a way that is realistic and relatable.You work hard to be the best version of yourself always, and beyond that, you use that version of yourself to help others achieve greatness. You truly want the best for the people in your life.”

    ~ APRIL

    Jennifer Testimonial

    You are someone who others can feel confident in getting advice/help from as you are proof that what you’ve done to heal, works. You’re a great example of why self-love works to create the life you really want.”


    Patty Testimonial

    “You have an ability to see things clearly. And a highly honed sense of intuition. So in tune with the universal powers that be and how/where you fit into the mix. Your sense of confidence and conviction is contagious. A real sense of actual knowing what is good and right for you and others.”

    ~ PATTY

    Michele Testmonial

    “Deanne is a ‘real’ individual. She speaks from the soul and is true to her word. She listens with her eyes, ears and her heart. This is a tremendous quality to have as a leader.”



    Deanne Lewis is a pioneer in the digital media space and founder of Emerge Positive®. With extensive corporate experience at Warner Bros. and DirecTV, Deanne offers a unique perspective to people looking to elevate their career and life. She is driven by a mission to help people create a life they love. Deanne is best known for being a leader, mentor, and creating connection. She is author of the book Emerge Positive, writes the daily blog for emergepositive.com and lives in San Diego, California with her family. Connect with Deanne on LinkedIn.

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