Read this to ditch stress and be happy.

Are you a planner?  I am.  I love lists, check marks, and time management.  I literally geek out about these things.  So when someone tells me not to plan out my life, I get the shakes.

However, the longer I’m here, the more I see and learn that life can not be planned out completely.  Oh you can try (and believe me, I have), but life will throw you a curve ball at some point.
I’ve also learned that some of the absolute best things will happen unplanned.  I can attest that two of the worst things that happened to me:  my divorce and losing my job, were two of the best things for me.  And they certainly weren’t planned.
We are on a journey.  It you can just step back and see your life from that perspective, it can change everything in your life for the better.
Life is not perfect and you are not meant to be perfect.  You’re here to learn….about who you are and how you can help the whole.  And you’re here to grow.
Be open to the twists and turns in life.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  (It means you’re in a growth phase!!).   And make a conscious effort to do better each day.  You’re not in a competition with everyone else, no matter what markets try to tell you.  All you need to do is try to improve on your own performance from yesterday.
Get in a growth phase.  Spread your wings.  Feel the wind on your face.  And Laugh.  Life doesn’t need to be so serious.  So go have fun.
All my best,
To my single friends who survived Valentine’s Day:  you don’t need to be miserable because you’re not in a relationship.  It’s time to celebrate You!  When you’re happy with who you are, being single is just an extension of that happiness.  If that is a foreign concept, call me.  I was there too.  I can help you turn your unhappiness to a fulfilling and joyful life.


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