Our Relationship to Money

Relationship to Money

What is your relationship to money?  Do you see it as bad?  Something you will never have?  Something you can’t have?

If you hold any negative thoughts about money in your mind, you will not experience material abundance.  Money isn’t bad.  It’s a form of trade…that’s it.  Change your thoughts about money and you will change the flow of it in your life.

Start to see money as a river; one that flows through you and is never ending.  As it passes through, you have the opportunity to use it for good.  To bless it along the way and send it back into the world with a new positive healing energy.

Everything in this world can be used for good…including money.  Today, pay attention to your beliefs and thoughts about money.  If they aren’t positive, consciously begin to change them and watch your life begin to change as well.  Emerge Positive®


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