Money is not the root of all evil

our relationship to money


How do you view money?  Is it a barrier?  A river?  A tool? Or something out of your reach?  Our relationship with money is important.  Your perception and beliefs will either open the door to wealth or hold it shut.  Many women believe they don’t deserve money or at least don’t understand it.  And of course, that’s ridiculous.  But we have generations of women that didn’t get involved with money, so it has bred a negative association to it.  Start seeing money as a river.  It flows through you and in your life.  You never actually own money anyway…you are really a money manager for your time here on Earth.  Quit worrying about hoarding it and use it as a tool to help others and build goodness in your life.  When you do, you will open the flow to more and more.  Emerge Positive®


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