Looking to reduce stress? Do this.

order & balance


You are the only one that can take steps to improve your life. And only you know what you really need to do that. I’ve learned that bringing order and balance into my life is a sure way to improve my stress level and clear my mind. If the thought of order makes you cringe, don’t worry. You don’t have to clean up every aspect of your life today. Just begin somewhere. Take 20 minutes today to sit down and think. See where you can clear your schedule in the coming week to have a night or two at home with no plans. Pick a room to clear up and bring order into your home. Make the commitment to yourself that you will make balance a priority. You can…and when you do, you will feel the benefits immediately….less stress, you will feel centered, happy, and peace will once again come into your daily round. Emerge Positive®


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