Like attracts like.

Be the person you desire


Being single can be a really fun time in your life, but for those who have been single awhile, it can be very trying and painful. I went almost 10 years between my marriage and my relationship today and there were definitely very difficult times of loneliness. But what I learned is that you can’t be a mess and expect to attract the right partner. You must first work on you. Fix the brokenness….a boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t going to do it. However, somewhere along the way, we were taught that a relationship can “fix us”….not true. We must figure that out ourselves. Look, at the end of the day, we are all energy and ‘like attracts like’. So take the time to work on you and be a magnet of what you truly desire. Love is everywhere and it is just waiting for you to turn the corner. Emerge Positive®


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