It’s not working….now what?

No matter what you’re trying to do:  build wealth, meet your future husband/wife, lose weight and be healthier, or create happiness; you need to start with your foundation.

I believe we should start with the two core foundational blocks:  our spiritual life and our health.  You need both to create a happy and successful life.
Like the airplane analogy (moms pay attention here)…you must first put on your own mask before assisting others.
How do you expect to create a life you love if you aren’t spiritually connected and healthy?
I was watching a video yesterday about building a successful business.  The man on the video was asked what two things he is most focused on in this endeavor.  He said, his health and relationships.  Now this is a uber-successful businessman and his main focus isn’t on the business…it’s on his foundation!
Regardless of where you are in life…20’s, 40’s, or 70’s…make your health and spiritual life a priority.  They set your foundation.  And trying to build a life without them fully stable and strong is going to lead you to frustration at best and destruction at worst.
Take the time to evaluate yourself…meditate, pray, journal, dream, create goals, and timeline a plan of action.  This is how you begin to build up.  Be gentle and patient.  And ask a lot of questions of yourself.  What was important 10 years ago may not apply today.  And get a coach!  We all can use the expertise of outside help (see every successful athlete, musician, and C-Suite executive).
You are the CEO of your life.  And let’s face it, you have a lot vested here!  So take it seriously and invest in You.   You hold the power to create a life you love.  So make the choice now to build a strong foundation for it.
You can Emerge Positive!
All my best,
PS.  Yesterday, one of my clients was telling me how much our work together was helping change her life in ways she never imagined.  I’m so grateful to be a part of her journey.  Personal coaching can help you in every single area of your life.  Why wait to begin the life that is waiting for you?  Contact me at


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