Is life going by too fast?

My husband just celebrated a milestone birthday yesterday which lead us into a discussion about time.  Time is the only thing you can’t buy.  No matter how big your bank account, you get 24 hours just like everyone else.  And as we age, it seems like time goes by faster.  So how do we slow it down?  How do we grab ahold of our life and truly enjoy the moments we have left?  I believe it’s with awareness and intention.  Be awake.  Really be IN your day.  Don’t let the current of life sweep you up so you’re sleepwalking.  And be intentional.  Don’t just get up and let your day just ‘happen’.  Make a plan.  Set a daily goal and do it!  Today is a gift.  Use it!  Intentionally walk through today and you’ll see that time can expand.  #EmergePositive




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