If you’re a worrier, this ones for you.

I haven’t been sleeping well of late.  Which I must say, really sucks.  I love sleep.  And for most of my life, I’ve been a gifted sleeper.

So I’ve been thinking more about sleep and why it eludes me.

Around 3am, I wake up to ominous thoughts of my future.  My head is filled with worry, fear, and doubt.  Mostly worry.  And yet, when I re-awake a few hours later, the same thought isn’t so bad!  And then I wonder what was so ominous about it in the first place.  Why does life look so bleak at 3am?

We all worry at some point in our lives.  That’s just being human.  It’s when we allow worry to direct our decisions is when we get ourselves in trouble.

No matter how real fear feels, it’s just a thought in your mind.

That’s worth repeating.  Fear (worry/doubt) is just a thought.  It’s not REAL.

You hold the power to change the channel in your mind.  You can kick the fear out.  Once you do this, you’ll see how true this is.  Oh, you’ll still encounter fear again, but the next time you’ll walk through it knowing there’s something better for you on the other side.

We must stop letting fear, worry, and doubt drive our choices.  We must take control of our thoughts.  You see, your thoughts create your beliefs.  And your beliefs create your choices.  And your choices create your actions.  Which is creating your life!

It all begins with your mind.  Your thoughts will determine your future.  So get on the right channel!  Your future self (and a good night’s sleep) depends on it.

You can Emerge Positive!

All my best,

PS.  I just love hearing from you!  Your notes, words of encouragement, and feedback are so uplifting and inspiring to me.  Thank you!  Have a great weekend!




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