How long are you going to wait?

Examine your beliefs


How do you know what you believe?  It’s actually pretty simple:  look at your life.  It’s a tangible outcome of your choices.  And those choices are driven by the beliefs you hold.  Do you believe you are lovable?  That you deserve a rewarding career?  Money? A nice home?  Friends you enjoy and who encourage you?  Real and lasting change starts with examining your beliefs….and then changing them.   These beliefs were created long ago…likely sometime in your young childhood years.  So don’t be offended or ashamed by them.  You’re older and wiser now and no longer need to carry them.  All you need to do is put them down and move forward.  That’s it.  You determine how long you want to wait for the life you want.  Shouldn’t it be today?  Emerge Positive®


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