Dig deep and find the strength to let go.

color outside the lines


Life can be lived from a place of Fear or Love.  It’s our choice.  If you choose the path of fear, you will feel the need to try to control your surroundings.  Because life is unknown and trying to control it brings comfort and a sense of power.  But that is all an illusion.  We should strive to live a life of love.  That involves having faith and a knowing that life will direct you to where you are meant to go.  And that fear is not real…you don’t need it.  And that all of the rules are just someone else’e idea that came before you.  Don’t live in a small box…make the decision to color outside of the lines.  Expand your heart and mind.  Let down the walls you have built around you in protection and you will find that you are more powerful and protected without them.  Make the decision let go and be You.  Emerge Positive®


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