Creating Happiness.

Doesn’t it seem like everyone and their brother is happy in the summertime?After all, the weather is beautiful, everyone is vacationing, and the days are looong to enjoy all the abundance that summer offers.

So why aren’t I feeling happy?

Because happiness doesn’t start externally.  It starts from within.  You must choose happiness before it shows up in your life.

I look at life as a Pie….there are several slices that when put together make it whole and complete.  These slices include:  family, career/money, health, spouse/dating/romantic partner, spiritual life, hobbies/activities/vacation, etc.  When one is out of balance, it has an impact on the rest.

Health is a foundational piece.  When you aren’t operating with vibrant health, the rest of your life can’t work effectively.  (Certainly not at its best).  Career/money is another foundational piece that when not aligned with your identity and purpose, can create depression, anxiety, anger, or feeling lost.

So, what can you do to create happiness in your life?

It starts with your perception; which is tied to your thoughts.  Choose to think happiness.  Choose to see the good things in your life and not focus on what’s not working.  Because what we focus on Grows.  Grow the things that are bringing you joy and Joy will expand.

For better or for worse, we are in complete control over the level of our happiness.  Once you realize this, you can create a joyful life.  And you don’t have to change jobs, move, or leave your relationship to do it.

Change your perception….improve your life.

You can Emerge Positive.

All my best,


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