Craft projects aren’t just for kids.

Vision Board


Day 7…staying on track. A vision board is an easy and fun way to help program your mind to focus in on your goal. I’m a visual person, so I find this tool a great one to use. All you need is a cork board (any size), scissors and magazines. (Or you can print out photos you find online). The goal is to cover your cork board with images of what your goal looks like. It can be pictures or words or anything that ignites your spirit. When you’re finished, place the cork board in a place you’ll see daily. (Several times a day is better). The imagery will help reinforce your goal in your mind and align your choices with it. To some of you, this may sound more like a elementary school craft project, but trust me, it’s not. This has been an impactful tool for me and I believe in it so much that I create one every year. Go to and sign up for my weekly pick me up. I’ll have more tools to share. Have fun and Emerge Positive®!


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