Catch some Summertime fun.

Summer Vacation is...


I’ve spent the past week with my family on summer vacation. Today is our final day together and we spent it doing putt putt golf, racing on Go Karts and eating ice cream. (Admittedly, ice cream has become a daily ritual…note to self, diet must return after completion of this vacation). Once I return home, my goal is to hold onto the slow pace of this week. There is a certain tempo to vacation that is incredibly relaxing and I don’t want to let go of it. It is my hope that you get to enjoy a summer vacation this season. If you don’t have one planned…go plan one. It will sooth your soul like nothing else. Chase lightening bugs, gaze at the summer night sky, go water skiing and eat ice cream to your heart’s content. (The diet can wait….) Summer vacation shouldn’t be missed. Emerge Positive®


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