Are you stressing about money?

Money is not evil.  The problem is our relationship to it.
We’ve put a lot of power, energy, and emotion into this man-made thing we call money.  We look up to those who have lots of it, we fear not having enough, and we place ceilings on what we believe we deserve.
The fact is, we live in an abundant world.  There is enough for us all.  Scarcity doesn’t exist.  Lack is not real.  But we live as if it is.
We make many of our daily life decisions about money.  Where we eat, how we live, where we work, what we do, what we wear….they are all connected to it.  And when we don’t have ‘enough’, we feel fearful, angry, emotional, and even victimized.
I’ve learned that money is just energy.  It’s like a river current that flows through you.  And you get to choose the direction of the flow.  But your beliefs about money — your relationship to it — determine how much flows through you.
While you’re alive, you’re just a money manager.  You can’t take it with you and you didn’t arrive here with it in your pockets.  You just get to manage what flows through your life while you’re here.
We need to stop fearing it, stop giving it power, and start seeing it as a tool.  It can be used to make a difference in your life, your family, your community, and in the world.
You get what you give.
This is universal law.  In my life, I have given when I didn’t think I had the money to give.  And you know what?  I never missed it.  Because it came back to me….and more than what I initially gave.  This has happened over and over in my life.
Changing your perception about money will change your life.  Fear will lose its grip on you.  Because you know there is no scarcity and the more you give, the more you will let into your life.
You can live an abundant life.  You can make a difference.  Open the door and Emerge Positive.
All my best,
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