Anxious? Fearful? Read this. I’m right here for you.

I have a large orchid in my office that has decided to bloom this week.  It has no idea that a virus is taking over the comfort and sanity of the world.  It has no idea that our way of living is being drastically changed.  Instead, it has chosen to bring beauty and new life into this day.  I know we are living in uncertain times.  Uncertain because it is unknown.  That’s when we need to lean on faith and lean on one another.  Because we are all in this together.  Call a friend today and check up on them.  Laugh together.  Use this time to reconnect to both family and friends and to yourself.  We are living in extraordinary times.  Embrace the joy and goodness that does live here right now. Yes, there are many negative and horrible things happening too.  But if we choose LOVE above all, then Love will prevail.  I will be here every day to shine a light to you.  I will remind you that this is just a moment and it will eventually pass and we will move forward.  If I can help you in any way….to be an emotional support, to uplift you, to suggest meditations or books, please reach out.  I am here for you.  Don’t lose faith.  Together we are strong and together we will help each other through this incredible time.  We can Emerge Positive.


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