A formula for success in daily life.

take responsbility for your actions


No matter what you do today, make this your mantra. First you must show up. You can’t do your job well if you aren’t present. And try your best always. Your best effort will change each day….and that’s ok. We are all human and have daily struggles that impact what our “best” looks like. Lastly, and perhaps the most difficult, is we must take responsibility for our actions. It is your choice and your choice alone on how you react to something or someone. That is fully within your control. No one can make you do it and it is never someone else’s fault….it’s all you. Each day is laid out in front of you to explore, create and learn. Don’t waste a day…it’s a gift. So show up, do your best, and be accountable. Make today a great one! Emerge Positive®


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