3 easy ways to reduce anxiety right now.

These are 3 things you can do right now to lower your stress and anxiety.  Stop obsessing about the news.  Seriously, just stop…it’s not serving you.  Dedicate a 30 minute period of time (such as 6pm) to catch up on the latest updates and leave it at that.  Take advantage of incorporating that new exercise routine into each day that you’ve been meaning to start.  Movement is key and getting outside is paramount to your mental and physical well being.  Take 30-60 minutes every day to do this and breathe!  I know it’s tempting to focus on everything you “can’t” do right now, but I encourage you to catch yourself and switch the channel….focus on all of the wonderful things you now have permission to do!  Take a nap, start a needlepoint, begin a puzzle, make a gourmet dinner that you normally don’t have time to even consider.  Today is a gift…honor your time, honor yourself, and honor your health.  You can Emerge Positive.


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